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The Toyota Supra was first introduced in 1979. This model was just a Toyota Celica, with lengthened body. The engine was replaced as well, the four cylinder was replaced with a six cylinder 2.6 liter engine (SOHC).

Mk2 Supra
Mk3 Supra

About the Toyota Supra MA-70

The first designs of the Toyota Supra Mk3, straight from the design studios of Toyota.

The Toyota Supra MA-70 is one flavor of the third model in the Toyota Supra range. There are quite a bunch “mark 3” Supra models, of which only two are really known. These two models are:

  1. MA-70. The Toyota Supra 3.0i Normally Aspirated
  2. MA-71. The Toyota Supra 3.0i Turbo

Although these models are officially indicated with different chassis numbers (70 and 71) they are both normally referenced as MA-70. The MA-71 chassis is really scarce, this chassis number was intended to be used for the Turbo model, whereas the MA-70 was the normally aspirated model.

This was changed after Toyota found out they had way too many MA-70 models and the Turbo model was more wanted. So they just put 7M-GTE engines (turbo engines) in the MA-70 chassis and shipped them out. After all the chassis is about the same.

(Can people please confirm this story, this is what I heard from various sources, and I never got it confirmed).

The other models of the Toyota Supra Mk3 I know of, are :

  1. the JZA-70, with the 2.5 liter twin turbo engine in (1JZ-GTE). There are only a couple of cars made & shipped with this engine. This engine delivers 276 bhp to the crank. It’s a really scarce car / engine combination and very nice. I couldn’t find many links on the web about this car, this link seems to work: Another New Zealand JZA-70 This car is sold in various countries during September ’90 until may ’93, just before the Supra Mk4 was released.
  2. the GA-70, with the 2.0 liter twin turbo engine in (1G-GTE). Of this model, again only a couple are made and aren’t wide spread either. This
    engine delivers 210 bhp at the crank. I couldn’t find many links about this car in English. Only a couple in Japanese, of which this page is the nicest (judging from the pictures).

During the time the ‘MA-70’ model was on the market, some model changes were applied. These model changes are:


Introduction of the MA-70, Normally aspirated


First Turbo model introduced with standard sports pack (Limited Slip Differential, TEMS and headlight washers). The sports pack was an option on the NA model. Both cars can be bought with ABS as an option as well.


Cloth interior


New grill, new taillights and newly designed rear spoiler. Note that the taillights are not available in Europe. European cars are put on the market with
the ‘old’ taillights. The Turbo engine had a little ‘tune up’ horsepower increase from 230 to 232 hp (stock). Torque increased as well.

Progressive power steering introduced (was it 1989). The power steering now works according to your speed, the slower you drive (parking) the more power is applied by the power steering pump.


Drivers side airbag (U.S. version)


ABS standard on turbo models. Sunroof standard, sports roof still available. (U.S. version, again)


Ten speaker sound system as option

Standard specifications & Performance

Some curiosities I found

A mk3 with no spoiler!

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I made this site to supply other people information about how to tune your car. The information on this site is generally applicable to any type of car, but becomes more easy to apply the more your car looks like a Toyota Supra Mk3. That’s the car I have (end 1991 model).  Have fun cruising my site and give me some feedback like:

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