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I made this site to supply other people information about how to tune your car. The information on this site is generally applicable to any type of car, but becomes more easy to apply the more your car looks like a Toyota Supra Mk3. That’s the car I have (end 1991 model).┬á Have fun cruising my site and give me some feedback like:

  • What do you want to see next on my site?
  • Is the information on this site enough for you, or do you need more?
  • What is your general opinion about my site?
  • Have you found more than 200 spelling errors? (Hey, I’m Dutch people!)

To give me feedback, send me an email at: arnout@supras.nl

I update my site quite regularly. Updates can be expected any day of the week, but on Friday and Saturday you will not have that much chance to find an update. Hey, I gotta work on my car as well, in order to get some pictures!!

To make life easier for the returning surfer, I keep a change log as well. Again, if you want to see something on my site, just give me an email and it will be prioritized.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that this site tells you about the modifications I did to my car and how I did them. It is only intended as a guide to help you understand what you are doing. If you don’t know what you’re doing, please do not modify your car until you’ve found out all the ins and outs about a certain mod. All modifications to your car are at your own risk. If you blow a piston, an engine or your whole car, you’ve done something wrong and you can not blame me.

Copyright: This whole site, as being a compilation of information, as well as all text on this site is (C) 1999-2001 Arnout van der Kamp. Please do not copy, but make your own. All pictures are copyright by someone. Most pictures are my own property, some scans are (C) Toyota. Pictures can be used for your own site, after I have agreed on that. To get my written permission to use the pictures, send me an email.

When using pictures from my site, you have to link my site.

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